Basic JavaScript: Variables

Basic JavaScript: Variables


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Let's start with Variables.

A Variable is a container that can hold a certain value, like in Maths we have variable x=2 or x+y=2 where x and y are variables that can hold a number.

In JS, we define a variable using var keyword.

var a = 2; // here "a" holds the value 2

Here's an another example:

var b = 6;
var c = 4;
console.log(b+c); // Now b = 4 and c = 6, so output will b +c i.e 10

Variables can hold various Data Types, which we'll learn in futher lessons.

For example:

var greet = "Hey There!";  // greet holds a String data type.
var age = 21; // age holds an integer data type.

NOTE: If you declare a variable with var keyword initially and the re-assign a different value to it, the previous value gets overwritten.

var name = "Elon Musk"
console.log(name); // Elon Musk gets logged.

var name = "Tesla"
console.log(name); // name is now Tesla, not Elon Musk

Next, We'll learn about Data Types in JavaScript.

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