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I couldn't find a technical tags API, So I made one!🎊

I couldn't find a technical tags API, So I made one!🎊

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While working on Bytes, I had the idea of making an API that would provide tags would technical concepts.

Introducing TechTags!

TechTags is an open-source project that would provide an API to get all the technical tags you'll need for your project or blogs.


Call the following endpoint

It can take in three query params:

  • tag - string to search by. Example tag=re
  • not - the tags to exclude Example not=react,css
  • limit - No.of results to returns. Default is 5

Sample Query string,html&limit=3

Docs (

EndPoint (



The data received contains the following info about the tag. It may change in the future.

  • name
  • tid
  • description
  • color
  • type

    To be added

  • Logo

Future Additions

  • Currently, The API only has 8-10 tags.
  • Due to my exams right now, I'll be focusing on TechTags after they are done.
  • Until then, you can open upon Tag Requests in the GitHub Issues


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