Search a User's Hashnode blogs right from your VSCode!

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We spent most of our time in VSCode so why not even search blogs from it!

  • The concept behind this extension was simple, Just enter the username of the person and the blogs get displayed right within code.
  • From there you can search the blogs, choose the blog that you'd like to open.

This is the first feature of extension, I am planning to add more features to it in the future like pagination.

Edit: Added Pagination!

Download Link:


Screenshot (512).png

Screenshot (509).png

Screenshot (510).png

Screenshot (511).png

Hope you find it useful. Also, drop your reviews here!

Olanrewaju Alaba's photo

Job well done, A nice blog-tutorial !

Manish⚡Nayak's photo

Very good l, Shubham⚡ You wrote it very well, it's a fun to install such extension. VSCode been a popular code editor which gives support to many insane extensions. I appreciate this read, time gone well. All the Best for everything ☀️⭐🚀

Shubham Verma's photo

Indeed! Vscode is where I spent most of my time!

More features will be coming! Thank you for trying it out!

Yogesh Chavan's photo

Amazing work 👍

Piyush Sinha's photo

Nice idea 👍... & I also agree with Catalin. If the blog opens up in VS code itself as a md file then it would be great.

Shubham Verma's photo

Thanks! and yes that feature is definitely planned

Catalin's Tech's photo

Nice one! What happens when you open an article?

Does it open it in the browser or it opens it as MD in VS Code?

I think it would be super useful to open technical articles in MD format in VS code to quickly copy code snippets.

Regardless, well done!

Shubham Verma's photo

When clicked on a list, it opens the blog in the browser. Open as MD file in VSCode is a planned feature!

Thanks Catalin Pit!

Syed Fazle Rahman's photo

Excellent work, Shubham Verma. 🙌

Shubham Verma's photo

Thank you so much Syed Fazle Rahman .Means a lot!

Erkan Güzeler's photo

Hi Shubham,

This is a good work. Well done 👍

Edidiong Asikpo's photo

This is absolutely fantastic Shubham Verma. Thanks for building this.

Shubham Verma's photo

Glad you found it useful Edidiong Asikpo!

Mohd Shad Mirza's photo


Pankaj Patel's photo

It is really awesome to be able to search some article right from editor.

Finding MDN page or Docs from editor is now accompanied by finding articles on Hashnode.

This extension is a good keep.

Shubham Verma's photo